So I decided I didn’t feel like writing any more custom PHP back-end mumbo jumbo to manage posts on my ‘development’ site, and that it was really quite boring, tired, and stuck in 2013 (the copyright literally still said 2013).    And here we are with a new post engine (better than the Mango/Joomla fiasco of the late 2000s).

So wtf is TKJode up to these days?

  • Took a package from old job in October
  • Took a few months off
  • Took another job in March
  • Got Married
  • Moved into a new house

The new job is OK – the folks there need to, as a friend puts it; ‘read up on some books’.   The state of Information Technology there is a bit ancient, though the freedom to mess with stuff, shape process and personnel there is good.

Wife, job, cats, house.  Everything’s comin’ up Milhouse.

Christmas is around the corner… I must go think of things I want!  Until next post.

– tkjode

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