March 2018 Updates


Tailing off the last boys weekend in Niagara Falls, dubbed Operation Life Support in honor of our always dead friend Neil, — REDACTED –.   Details will NOT be provided of any incidents and or activities that may or may not have occurred during any Operations until they are declassified in 2068.

Slim & wgretz will be in Las Vegas in August 2018 for Defcon 26.

Details are still sparse, but we go every single year and it’s always entertaining and insightful.  I think more people in technology would take Security more seriously if they actually saw how smart and tenacious the white hat security researchers, grey hat miscreants and black hat scary dudes are.


I will be trackside with my dad for the following races:

Personally excited for the 6 hours of the Glen, we got great trackside parking & camping tickets and I’m ready to eat 50 overpriced hot dogs and burgers over 3 days of racing!

Also looking at doing another fishing trip up in French River in September after the deer flies have taken the hint and died off…… everyone HATES you guys, die already.

Work n’ Stuff

So I’m coming up to my first full year of employment, and I’m absorbing the witchcraft knowledge of Kubernetes clusters, automation, containers, and more.  Stress levels are at their lowest since……. birth?  At least Grade 5.

The ol’ Genesis Coupe is coming out of hibernation in mid-April.  I have a tuning session to attend at the start of May – the reason for that is because I put the stock exhaust headers back onto the car so I could pass emissions.   I’m curious how much power has been sapped, but I look forward to a smoothed out power delivery.

The Facebook

So, this is a long and detailed topic that I’m not going to get into.   There are more facets to this than I can understand, however, the kicker for me is The Zuck’s apparent complacency with harvesting and selling his platforms users’ information and data to whoever wants to throw the most money at him, regardless of what that data is going to be used for (up to and including manipulation of America’s election campaigns by foreign players)

I mean, it’s nothing new, it’s just that today we have such a HUGE breadth of coverage on these popular social media platforms that eclipse TV and other classical forms of advertisement that this is literally new territory for humanity.

The owner of a platform can go about it one way and say “Well this seems wrong, let’s put some controls and gizmos” and make sure shit is above board.   Or they can be complicit.   *shrug* The entire business model is about maximizing revenue on a platform that makes $0 directly from it’s users…. so complacency can be bought!

In Conclusion

Shout out to The Keg and CARA Operations for not SCREWING IT UP……….. yet.

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