Blog Team….ASSEMBLE!

The glory days of PhalNet (like 10 years ago) was all about people just posting whatever and then sorting through the drama that resulted… it was entertaining, and people actually came to view one of the first ‘multi-blogs’ on a regular basis.   What set it apart from the blogosphere?  Well, we didn’t advertise, the site isn’t out to make a buck.  We had no leaders, no heirarchy, but interaction between posts, comments and familiar faces.  We were all networked personally in one way or another.

While social media has created gigantic, worldwide networks of person-to-person, person-to-group connections and given everyone a platform to post whatever comes to mind, or whatever was in front of a lens, I find what is lacking is a feeling of a contextual wall around groups… that’s why I’m still active on forums but I never tweet or post much on Facebook anymore beyond major life events.  Forums give that sense of community with a boundary of common interest.

While this site wasn’t a forum by any stretch, it was a walled garden of my connected friends and friends of friends.  There was no common theme, or stylistic guides to content.

What is it I want for this site now?  Well, not to look completely backwards and say “I want what this was in 2006”, I look forward and say “I’ll let it grow to whatever it wants to be”, the key being growth.

So, with that said; obviously anyone who was part of PhalNet back in the day can come back, you’re all welcome with open arms to post whatever is on your mind, whenever you want, like the good old days.   Additionally, anyone out there that gets pointed here (by me, or by friends) can join as well.

Slam a comment into this post – say you want in – it’ll go for moderation and I’ll get an account for you.

Welcome back to PhalNet!


So I decided I didn’t feel like writing any more custom PHP back-end mumbo jumbo to manage posts on my ‘development’ site, and that it was really quite boring, tired, and stuck in 2013 (the copyright literally still said 2013).    And here we are with a new post engine (better than the Mango/Joomla fiasco of the late 2000s).

So wtf is TKJode up to these days?

  • Took a package from old job in October
  • Took a few months off
  • Took another job in March
  • Got Married
  • Moved into a new house

The new job is OK – the folks there need to, as a friend puts it; ‘read up on some books’.   The state of Information Technology there is a bit ancient, though the freedom to mess with stuff, shape process and personnel there is good.

Wife, job, cats, house.  Everything’s comin’ up Milhouse.

Christmas is around the corner… I must go think of things I want!  Until next post.

– tkjode